Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do we begin the process of building our dream home?

Contact Twilley Builders to discuss the following:

-the style and appearance of homes that appeals to you.
-the type of floor plan that will suit your lifestyle.
-the extra touches you’d like to have in your home that will make it special for you and your family.
-the lot where your dream home will be built.


2. How long is the actual timeframe for building my dream home?

Traditionally,  it will take between 6 to 8 months to build your new home. Though it  may take longer to construct a home that is detailed and complex in  structure, Twilley Builders will do everything possible to keep the  building process on track and communicate with you during every stage of  construction.

In the initial meetings, Twilley Builders will  work with you to find out the available time you have in your schedule  for meetings, phone conversations and other types of communication  necessary for the construction of your new home. This will help develop a  realistic timeframe for the building.


3. What decisions do I make regarding my dream home?

Twilley  Builders will work with you to determine your preferences and wishes  for many aspects of your new home. These construction components include  windows, doors, roof materials, appliances and similar items. As an  experienced builder in the Gulf Coast area, Twilley Builders can also  advise you regarding current home styles, trends, contemporary  accessories and up-to-date features for your dream home


4. What is the price range for new homes built by Twilley Builders?

We  have a number of construction options and neighborhoods that families  can choose from as they select a home that will fit their budget.


5. Does Twilley Builders have any available homes or move-in ready homes available for purchase?

If  you are anxious to move in a new home as soon as possible, Twilley  Builders does have a select number of completed homes that are available  for purchase.


6. Is the price of land included in the purchase price of my dream home?

The  cost of the home site is always included in the pricing of a home built  by Twilley Builders. Certain home sites may have unique features such  as a larger size, optimal placement, and other select options. These  home sites may require premium pricing, due to neighborhood  restrictions.


The  insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety's Fortified  Home-Hurricane program helps homeowners strengthen their home against  the devastating power of tropical storms and hurricanes.

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